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Alien Strand Podcast is a podcast loved by thousands of people. As stories unfold of the past and present alien encounters and abductions. Find our podcast on 26 audio podcast platforms.

Hosted by Donald Ledesma

A studying Ufologist and podcaster of show Alien Strand Podcast since 2019. "I've been researching since my first sighting at the age of 14." "Looking at the sky every chance I can get to spot more Ufo's daily." Now working with Ufologist's all over the globe. Now as a director of filmmaking I can show everyone what cant be explained in our skies. With documentary films such as "The Middle Cascadia Guides" and   The Middle 2-CE3 showing my deep research of Ufology and the paranormal connection. Also a book author recently release "CE5 Frequencies of Contact" which explains the definitions and protocol of extraterrestrial contact. With now a large following of people worldwide interested in the studies of Ufology. My goal is to give full disclosure as a citizen Ufologist with no blankets or veils of Government involvement. I am true DISCLOSURE.


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