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Alien Strand
Sky Beams

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Visit: AlieNAdAm on YouTube


Visit AlieNAdaM as he explains the origins of the ANNUNAKI and complete series on this subject.Updated biweekly for a complete guide and knowlege to these Godly Beings of possible Creaton


Also Had Podcast interview with Creator: Preston Refsland

New Mexico Podcast: #8


Live interview with Elizabeth J, on her personal and in depth experiences ,and sightings of UFOs over the Gorieta NM area mountains. A Must Listen!! 



In Depth look on the very first recorded Alien Abduction in 1961. That happened in September 19th 1961. (PODCAST)

gallery/betty and barney

The True Story Of Travis Walton who was abducted bu a Ufo in Nov 5th 1975.

An in depth report on his abduction. (Podcast)

Found in 2006 by Dr Sam Osmanagic as he went to Bosnia to visit a Museum and stumbled upon this great find. Hear the possibilities of Pyramid find or Mountain. Too many Coincidental mirrored facts to the Pyramids of Geza. And possibly Alien Beacon. (PODCAST)

Betty & Barney Hill Abduction #9

Travis Walton #7

Bosnian Pyrimids #6

The true story of an Alien Abduction in Dec 26 1985. A book written and told by abductee William Strieber. Hear his chilling story of his experience with Alien Abduction. (PODCAST)


Hear the True story of a witnessed event over 70k in the Audience as they saw this unfold in 1917.  (PODCAST)


Interview with Justin B on photo taken 2017 and landings in his field

Communion #4

Fatima Portugal incident

Crop Landings


Mars Ancient Ruins

An exclusive interview with Jon McGavic on his finds of strutures on Mars.Simularity to Aztec and Inca statues on Earth.And a conversation on Ufos he has seen in the past of CUBED shapes. Dont miss it!

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Martian Reincarnation

The true story of a young boy from a child to an adult.Telling his story of how he was a Martian in his past life.Giving a detailed statement on his accounts of war and despair.


The Manhattan Abduction

The true story of Linda Cortile as she was abducted from her Manhattan apt at 3am on a November night 1989. Having mulitiple witnesses later turning up. The story changes and plo thickens towards the end.


The Recap

A Recap on all the podcast episodes and stories